Who’s on Your Holiday List?

Christmas is coming and it can be hard to come up with new gift ideas year after year. But here’s something new—an electric bike! E-bikes are an exciting new way to ride bicycles and they add a modern, technology spin on getting around on two wheels with two pedals.

Part good old-fashioned bicycle, and part electric motor wonder machine, an electric bike rides basically like a regular bicycle except that when you step on the pedals, you get the bonus of an added boost of power. The battery operated motor senses that you’re pedaling and so it helps you out, kind of like someone giving you a friendly push.

So if you’re new to this idea of electric bikes, then we should also tell you that there’s more than one kind. But that’s great, because not everyone likes the same things or rides the same way. Before you run out and buy one, or click ‘buy now’ online, let us give you a rundown of some of the options available and what they’re good for.

The Redux iE takes the form of a modern crosstown, urban commuting bike and super-charges it. It’s got the sleek lines of the quintessential metropolitan machine, but hidden inside the frame is a 250W German made Brose electric motor that might land you on the fine line of getting a speeding ticket with it’s 28 mph top assisted speed. If getting from point A to point B the fastest is something that will put a smile on someone’s face, then this is the e-bike for them.

Staying in the transportation vein, but with an emphasis more on practicality vs. speed, you’ll find the Misceo iE Sport. It’s still a spritely ride that will cruise confidently at 20 mph courtesy of the Shimano STePS Centerdrive 250W electric motor, but with a full complement of features like fenders and sturdy kickstand, it leans appropriately toward the utilitarian end of the spectrum.

There’s also style to consider in any gift giving scenario, and that’s where the Retroglide iE takes center stage. Like an American muscle car, it’s got power ‘under the hood’ with a Currie Electro-Drive® Centerdrive 350W leading the charge, but it’s the classic form that really leads the function. With flowing lines and flared details, it invokes Friday nights of cruising the strip and Saturdays spent at the beach.

Now let’s swing the pendulum really wide and talk about e-mountain bikes. That’s right, electric bikes have rapidly evolved to include options for the off-road crowd like the Tokul iE. With a German engineered Bosch Performance CX 250W motor, the smooth, dependable power needed to climb any hill is guaranteed and you’re likely to have a lot of fun doing it. Mountain biking has always been viewed as a hard, gritty sport, and it is. But an electric mountain bike gives everyone the chance to pedal the toughest climbs and enjoy the thrill and the freedom of riding where most don’t dare venture. If there’s a free spirited person on your Christmas list this season, then this is just the gift for them.

Regardless of whom you’re shopping for and what they might like to ride, rest assured that there’s an e-bike to fit the bill. Though electric bikes are relative newcomers to the world of bicycles, the rate of technologic advancements is on par with any other consumer electronics and their ability to change lives and provide benefits to people is very real. So when thinking about giving this Christmas, consider adding an electric bike to your list.