Thinking About Getting Dad a New Electric Bike for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is coming right up and it can be a tough call on what to get the guy who has everything. What dad probably doesn’t have yet though is a new electric bike. Why not? That’s a really good question because he would probably enjoy the heck out of one, right!?

Before you haul off and jump to conclusions about which e-bike to buy, take a quick look around and check out his style. Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes these days, and there’s lots to choose from. It doesn’t make sense to get him something he won’t ride, so consider his aesthetic, what you think would be fun and useful for him, and then use the Raleigh Electric, Bike Match tool.

You might find the new Raleigh Electric Superbe IE, a modern interpretation of a classic Raleigh with plenty of integrated technology and features, and yet it conveys a message of practicality and comfort with its heritage design. With 350 watts of power delivered by the pedal assist drive system, this is most definitely a far cry from the vintage bikes that inspired it. Dad can choose from several assist settings that will help him travel at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and as far as 35 miles in range before needing to recharge the lithium-ion battery pack. So really, it’s way more than a classic bicycle, because the Superbe IE serves up some fun technology to help keep a dad on the move.

Maybe your dad is more of a cruiser guy. Well, the Retroglide IE sports the fun look and feel of quintessential cruisers from back in the day. The swooping lines and balloon tires give it kind of a ‘heading to the beach’ sort of personality, but let it be said up front that it’s way easier to ride than any of those clunky cruiser bikes ever were. Powered by the stealthy rack-mounted battery, the TranzX mid-motor system practically gives this e-bike wings to get dad flying around town and beyond. Before you know it, he’ll be off enjoying afternoons of fresh air and exercise that will have him feeling like a kid again. Sure he’ll think it’s good to look cool on this stylish bike and all, but really, the exhilarating ride is what he’ll love the most.

So do a little research and maybe some subtle sleuthing into the things your dad’s likely to appreciate before picking out a brand new electric bike for him. After all, you want him to ride and take full advantage of the modern e-bike revolution. It’s a gateway for many to reconnect with riding bikes, and if your father finds himself on just the right e-bike, then he’s sure to enjoy the ride, get some exercise and have loads of fun going everywhere on two wheels again.