Redux iE

2017 Year In Review

We believe strongly in the purpose of our eBikes - transforming classic rides and making it more fun, accessible and viable for commuting. But to see

Electrek Gives the Redux iE a Big Thumbs Up!

"...when you get on this bike, it simply works. It is agile, nimble and above all fun to ride." - We're excited to announce that Haye

eBikes Change Lives: Rahsaan Bahati

Electric bikes are an exciting and relatively new phenomenon in the bicycle world. One part bike and one part electric motor machine, they are revol

Reconnecting to the Road

In my adolescent years, I grew up in upstate New York. We lived in the middle of the woods , just off Lake Ontario, five miles from a

Racer Turned E-biker - Rahsaan Bahati's Journey

Photo Credit Jurban Photos Rahsaan Bahati is an e-bike convert who believes there's a bright future ahead for these wonderful, hybrid human and

Rolling with Rahsaan

A Pro Cyclist’s Introduction to E-bikes Rahsaan Bahati was a professional cyclist who made a career traveling the world racing bicycles. Now he

Rahsaan has a new bike

A First Look at Rahsaan's new Raleigh Electric Redux iE Rahsaan’s New Custom Electric Bike Whip Rahsaan Bahati is known to many as a profession

How An Electric Bike Transformed My Life

I couldn't believe the freedom I felt... My name is Rhonda Martin. On February 7, 2012, I weighed 457 pounds. I was 40 years old and my health wa

Ask An Electric Bike Expert Anything!

So, you're thinking about buying a new electric bike. Sounds like a good idea, right? Alternative transportation has been a big talking point and ma

Your Day on a Raleigh Redux IE Electric Bike

The Redux iE may very well be one of the best ways to revive your relationship with bikes As far as alternate transportation goes, the bicycle is m

Bicycle Retailer Features New eBikes

Editor's Quote: "At Raleigh Electric (Booth 551), try the Redux iE — an electrified version of Raleigh's popular Redux, with wider tires and a ru

Time Features the Redux iE

Editor's Quote: "Topping out at 28 miles per hour, the Redux iE has a 36-volt battery in the bike’s frame that powers its 250-watt drivetrain. It

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