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A First Look at Rahsaan's new Raleigh Electric Redux iE

Rahsaan’s New Custom Electric Bike Whip


Rahsaan Bahati is known to many as a professional cyclist. In his prime he was renowned for his amazing bursts of speed that netted him quite a list of wins during his racing career. While his high-profile racing days are done, he certainly hasn’t hung up the bike. He remains active in the local Los Angeles scene doing group rides and mentoring other riders.

He’s kept the bike very much in his life, but it now takes a somewhat different form compared to his competitive career. Because his primary aim is no longer winning races, he’s exploring new options in the bike world to address his everyday realities.

Recently, Rahsaan threw a leg over a Raleigh Electric Redux IE. While he clearly has a sizable motor of his own, he discovered this electric bike had the potential to ease his commute to work, saving time and sparing him the frustrations of LA traffic. He was hooked.

Seeing that Rahsaan had so warmly embraced the e-bike as a new urban mobility solution, the folks at Raleigh decided to do something special for him. Pulling out all the stops, they conspired to build up a custom electric bike to honor the man who lit up so many race courses in his day, and give him a bike that could truly make him feel at home on his newly adopted transportation.

The result is a one-of-a-kind e-bike, painted, spec’d and detailed just for Rahsaan. The man was fast on a race bike. He’s been tearing up his commute on a stock Raleigh Redux IE. Now imagine what he’ll do on his brand new, custom dropbar electric bike…Get out of the way!!!

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See it now! The Redux iE Super Commuter



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Posted by Rahsaan Bahati on Friday, July 21, 2017

See it now! The Redux iE Super Commuter