Get Your Heart Racing This Valentine’s Day

If you and your sweetie enjoy spending time outside and are working towards a more active lifestyle, this Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about candlelit dinners and expensive date nights. Spend the day together cruising around town, exploring your city or hitting the trail. Our advice? Pack a picnic and make new memories by choosing a ride neither of you have been on before!

With the boost of Raleigh Electric’s e-bikes, riding in pairs has never been so fun. You can turn up the pedal assist to help you over the hills and lower the support for that extra bit of cardio.

Additionally, Raleigh Electric makes a variety of male and female-specific models, incorporating sleek graphics and a range of colors to suit every personality and body type.

For leisure riding, the Sprite iE men’s model (offered in grey) features a lightweight step-over frame, while the Sprite iE women’s model (offered in turquoise and black) features a step-thru frame designed so you don’t have to raise your leg all the way over to mount your bike.

And for couples that have a need for speed or are aiming to tackle more of a climb, the Cadent iE Step Over, Cadent iE Step Thru, Redux iE Step Over and Redux iE Step Thru are great options.

Regardless of your skill level, planning a romantic cycling date is sure to get your heart pumping this Valentine’s Day!