Electrek Gives the Redux iE a Big Thumbs Up!

"...when you get on this bike, it simply works. It is agile, nimble and above all fun to ride." - Electrek.co

We're excited to announce that Haye Kesteloo from Electrek.co reviewed the Redux iE in depth and liked it so much that it will now be a benchmark to compare similar style e-bikes!

Here are some of the highlights from the Electrek review:


Any commuter bike is going to get used a lot in various conditions and needs to be able to withstand the abuse. How does this Raleigh e-bike do in that department?

The Redux IE is a light-weight electric commuter bike. It is a well-built, stiff, light-weight aluminum frame (AL-6061 Custom Butted Aluminum, City Geometry) with integrated wiring and all the components, such as brake levers with adjustable reach, gear shifter, display, grips, etc. are solid and work well.


I think this is where the Raleigh Redux IE shines. As soon as you get on this bike, you feel that it clicks. It is quiet, light (48Lbs), eager to get going and very willing to turn in. This is the result of both the geometry of the bike, the stiffness of the aluminum diamond frame, stiff front fork and the fact that it is a lighter e-bike. Yes, it is also less powerful than some other bikes but the lack of weight counters this so much that I didn’t even notice. The hydraulic disc brakes (no re-gen) work very well in slowing this bike down and gave me a lot of confidence on my daily commute.


The Raleigh Redux IE comes with a class 3, Brose, mid-mounted geared motor. The motor’s output is 250 watt (with a max output of 530 watts) and 90 Newton meters of torque. This is less powerful than some other bikes but because of the light-weight and speediness of the bike, this does not seem to be an issue at all. You will get up to 28mph in no time on the Redux IE. What stands out is how silent and smooth the Brose motor is. It sorts of disappears into the background and does not interfere with your riding. It is one of the best integrations we have tested so far.

"...the Raleigh Redux IE is one of my favorite e-bikes so far at any price point and we will use it to benchmark other e-bikes against. " - Electrek.co

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