Your Day on a Raleigh Redux IE Electric Bike

The Redux iE may very well be one of the best ways to revive your relationship with bikes

As far as alternate transportation goes, the bicycle is mankind's greatest invention. There is no other machine that can so quickly and efficiently move both people and their possessions in their daily travels whether it's kids heading to school, people going to work, or folks just going about the day. Riding a bike is perhaps the easiest way to ‘walk-the-walk’ and affect real world change on a personal level.

The world is full of compromises though and the idea of buying a bike might initiate another one. Getting around on a bicycle all the time is great for the enthusiast and hardcore cyclists. That's their thing. It's what they do, …but what about mere mortals who may be intimidated by trying to pedal everywhere and may not have the fitness needed to pull it off? Luckily, there's a fantastic solution, and it's called an e-bike.

Electric Bike Raleigh Electric Redux iE electric bike commute Raleigh Electric Redux iE

An e-bike is equipped with a battery-powered motor to assist the rider. Simply put, you get an extra boost when pedaling whether it's to help you up and over the next hill or just to go faster. A great example is the Redux IE. It looks like a normal bike at first glance, but upon closer inspection you may notice that it accommodates some extra onboard equipment to help you on your way.

The Redux IE may very well be one of the best ways to revive your relationship with bikes. Most everyone learned to ride a bike at some point in life, but not everyone has kept up with for any number of personal reasons. If your storyline falls in this category, then an e-bike is maybe your best way to get reacquainted with that thrill you felt as a kid when you realized that rolling along on two wheels was opening up a whole new world for you.

Imagine those doors opening once again and rolling out on a new Redux IE. Your outlook on bikes will be forever changed. The road to work will get shorter, daily errands can be fun, and on the weekend you will welcome adventurous explorations both far and wide. With the security of knowing that you will have energy enough to complete your travel, there's really no holding you back.

Say your day starts like it does for most people, you get up and ready yourself for another day at work. But instead of fearing what traffic snarls you may have to endure, you look forward an invigorating commute on your Redux IE. Your morning stop off to get coffee and a quick bite is so much easier. There's no hassle of having to find parking, it's right there at the front door. Just set down the kickstand and put a lock through it. Voila!

Raleigh Electric Redux iE electric bike commute Raleigh Electric Redux iE

Back on the road you feel the wind on your face and see an open path before you. No more do you stare at the endless line of brake lights in stop-and-go traffic, forever fearing that almost inevitable jolt of having to jam on the brakes or being rear-ended by another car. The stress of car commuting leaves you on edge and mentally drained, but getting to work on an e-bike gets you energized. You've gotten some exercise, cleared your mind, and now you're ready for the day ahead.

Come midday, you don't have to feel relegated to the few blocks around your workplace, because now you're free! No longer do you need to unshackle your car from the parking garage, again curse traffic, and regret every moment spent in automotive seclusion. Riding the Redux IE lets you run some quick errands on your own terms before spontaneously heading off to meet a friend for lunch. You can ride up to 28 mph on this wonder-bike, so you can get a lot done in a short time!

Unshackled from your car, the end of the day graces you with another opportunity to see the world without a windshield. Sure, work has been a bit trying today and unplugging would be good. But in a way, boarding the Redux IE is the perfect way to do just that. Again you're spared the cutthroat line up to the on ramp, instead tranquilly setting course for the bike lane that leads you seamlessly on your route homeward. Maybe you need to swing by the market to pick up a few items for dinner, no problem. Or better, you're meeting some friends at your favorite neighborhood spot. Wherever you go, you'll get there stress-free and with a little help from you e-bike.

So many people live for the weekend, and when you have an awesome e-bike at your disposal, that time gets even better. You can rediscover your surroundings and find adventure where you never knew it existed. When not enclosed in a steel box, the whole world looks different, fresh, new. The Redux IE lets you explore places you could never go in a car, even though you may have driven by them for years.

Getting out and seeing things as if for the first time can bring back that same sensation of awe and excitement you felt as a kid when you first learned to ride a bike. And as an environmentally friendly aside, you also get the satisfaction of taking another car off the road. Really, riding the Redux IE is a win-win, so enjoy.