Celebrate Mother's Day with an Electric Bike

Celebrate Mother's Day with an Electric Bike

Being a mother is a year round job with no time off and no paid vacations. Most moms would probably tell you that it's not a thankless endeavor, but it sure can get a bit rough on occasion. Even if she's not necessarily looking for a pat on the back, wouldn't it be nice to show her a little extra appreciation every once in a while?

You don't need a special occasion to make that happen, but when Mothers Day comes around, as it does every May, you've got just the occasion to pull out all the stops and do something to really wow that certain mother in your life. For the active, on-the-go mom who appreciates getting out for a little fresh air, adventure and exercise, a new electric bike could be just the thing to show her how much you value everything she does.

Electric bikes come in plenty of shapes and sizes so how do you go about picking out one that your mother will enjoy? It's maybe not a whole lot different than choosing another gift for her, and really, you probably know this woman pretty well by now. Just ask yourself what it is she likes, what kinds of styles she prefers and whether she's practical or goes for things a little more on the extravagant side.

The Superbe IE is a great choice for the mother who appreciates classic styling along with a healthy helping of practicality. The timeless design showcases a dignified aesthetic that draws upon Raleigh's long bicycle heritage, but closer inspection reveals the discretely rack-mounted battery pack. This lithium-ion battery powers the 350-watt drive system for a nice pedaling boost making hills seem smaller and any ride more fun. With a comfortably upright riding position and just the right complement of convenience features the Superbe is a superb choice for the mom who values elegant form, but with a twist of modern function.

Retro-fashion electric bikes can take other forms too, like the more flamboyant Retroglide IE Step Thru from Raleigh Electric. It channels the good old days of packing up a picnic lunch, some towels and cruising down to the beach for an afternoon of surf, sun and fun. The old cruisers were always a kick to ride, but they were never the fastest bikes on the block. The Retroglide IE's got a 350-watt Currie Electro-Drive®/TranzX mid-motor to change all that though. Mom can zip off to the store and back at an exhilarating 20 miles per hour, and if she's spending the day down at her favorite sandy beach, then the ride back up the hill and home again will sure be easier than it used to be. Heck, getting a new electric cruiser for Mothers Day might remind her of more carefree days and make her feel like she's the kid in the family.

Whatever style and function your mom might like, there's assuredly a great electric bike out there just for her. Getting on a new ebike can be a great outlet for her to unplug from some of the things that fill her busy life and let her enjoy some much needed freedom and fun. Mothers Day only comes once a year, but a new bike can let your mom know that you love her every time she goes for a ride.