Call to Recycle

RALEIGH ELECTRIC, an Accell Group Company, prides itself in doing our part to protect the environment through responsible end-of-life management of lithium batteries.

Guided by its sustainability policy and focused on long-term environmental goals, RALEIGH ELECTRIC invites staff, our retailers and the surrounding community to share its quest for sustainable development and environmental care.

The Solution: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

Our Corporate Social Responsibility programs within our business in 2015 set up a battery-recycling program with Call2Recycle to dispose of old batteries in an environmentally responsible manner. Battery recycling collection sites are located throughout the US and Canada. The Call2Recycle program appealed to Raleigh Electric in part because it is easy to use.

The Call2Recycle program is operated by the not-for-profit organization Call2Recycle and is funded entirely by Raleigh Electric and our parent company, Accell Group who is committed to environmentally sound recycling of our batteries. After collecting and sorting, the batteries are processed and turned into new batteries, stainless steel products and other products.

The Benefits

Batteries contain hazardous materials and if dumped or disposed of incorrectly, the harmful elements can find their way into our water sources, making it dangerous to life and adding to pollution.

Through participation in this battery-recycling program, Raleigh Electric moves closer to achieving its sustainability objectives, and making the planet a greener, cleaner place.

For more information on the Call2Recycle program, to learn how batteries are recycled, and to find other drop-off sites around you, visit