Get Your Heart Racing This Valentine’s Day

If you and your sweetie enjoy spending time outside and are working towards a more active lifestyle, this Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all a

2017 Year In Review

We believe strongly in the purpose of our eBikes - transforming classic rides and making it more fun, accessible and viable for commuting. But to see

A new year brings new beginnings with an electric-assist bike

A new year brings new beginnings with an electric-assist bike By Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey Can't deny it. For most of us, there are many beauti

Electrify Your Winter Commute

Electric bikes present a year round alternative to car commuting and can make getting to work a lot of fun if you are up for it. But what about wint

Who’s on Your Holiday List?

Christmas is coming and it can be hard to come up with new gift ideas year after year. But here’s something new—an electric bike! E-bikes are an

Assisted Riding Equals Independent Living

  Electric bikes are a bit of an emerging phenomenon in the United States, but their popularity is set to grow in leaps and bounds. Why? E-bik

Electrek Gives the Redux iE a Big Thumbs Up!

"...when you get on this bike, it simply works. It is agile, nimble and above all fun to ride." - We're excited to announce that Haye

Raleigh Electric Redux iE Raffle to Benefit Bahati Foundation

Raleigh Electric is proudly supporting the philanthropic work of the Bahati Foundation by donating a brand new 2017 Redux IE electric bike. Benefitt

From e-bike snob to “won me over”: Pedaling Monterey County with

In May 2009, when I founded the Bicycling Monterey site and projects, I was enjoying steep rural climbs five or six days a week. My fitness level was

Bicycling Mag: The 2018 Raleigh Sprite IE E-Bike Is Fun and Affordabl

BY MOLLY HURFORD Raleigh's 2018 Sprite IE might be the affordable, beginner-friendly e-bike that you've been waiting for. Priced comparably to a d

FIRST LOOK: Raleigh Electric carbon Tokul

News From Interbike & Electric Bike Action "Raleigh’s new carbon Tokul. The specs haven’t even been finalized, so this is definitely a first

eBikes Change Lives: Rahsaan Bahati

Electric bikes are an exciting and relatively new phenomenon in the bicycle world. One part bike and one part electric motor machine, they are revol

Reconnecting to the Road

In my adolescent years, I grew up in upstate New York. We lived in the middle of the woods , just off Lake Ontario, five miles from a

Racer Turned E-biker - Rahsaan Bahati's Journey

Photo Credit Jurban Photos Rahsaan Bahati is an e-bike convert who believes there's a bright future ahead for these wonderful, hybrid human and

Rolling with Rahsaan

A Pro Cyclist’s Introduction to E-bikes Rahsaan Bahati was a professional cyclist who made a career traveling the world racing bicycles. Now he

Rahsaan has a new bike

A First Look at Rahsaan's new Raleigh Electric Redux iE Rahsaan’s New Custom Electric Bike Whip Rahsaan Bahati is known to many as a profession

How An Electric Bike Transformed My Life

I couldn't believe the freedom I felt... My name is Rhonda Martin. On February 7, 2012, I weighed 457 pounds. I was 40 years old and my health wa

Thinking About Getting Dad a New Electric Bike for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is coming right up and it can be a tough call on what to get the guy who has everything. What dad probably doesn’t have yet though is

Caroline Mani’s First Electric Mountain Bike Race

What happens when a Cyclocross French National Champion races an electric mountain bike for the first time? What happens when Cyclocross French N

Raleigh-Building Bikes for Over 130 Years: Part 2

Part 2 This is part two of an exploration into the 130-year history of Raleigh Bicycles. If you're just joining the narrative, you may want to re

Celebrate Mother's Day with an Electric Bike

Being a mother is a year round job with no time off and no paid vacations. Most moms would probably tell you that it's not a thankless endeavor, but

Raleigh-Building Bikes for Over 130 Years

Part 1 This is the first installment in a two-part series exploring the history and product developments of Raleigh Bicycles. With a brand story

Honey, I Sold the Prius!

How a cargo bike replaced the family hauler Are you looking for a way to streamline, downsize and cash out on your car-based lifestyle? Be inspired

Ask An Electric Bike Expert Anything!

So, you're thinking about buying a new electric bike. Sounds like a good idea, right? Alternative transportation has been a big talking point and ma

Your Day on a Raleigh Redux IE Electric Bike

The Redux iE may very well be one of the best ways to revive your relationship with bikes As far as alternate transportation goes, the bicycle is m

Gear Patrol Features the Redux iE

Editor's Quote: The Redux iE features a diamond-shaped AL-6061 aluminum frame that houses an integrated battery and a 250W Brose Centerdrive motor,

Bicycle Retailer Features New eBikes

Editor's Quote: "At Raleigh Electric (Booth 551), try the Redux iE — an electrified version of Raleigh's popular Redux, with wider tires and a ru

Outside Magazine Features the Superbe iE

Editor's Quote: The Raleigh Superbe iE ($1,700; 50 pounds) takes the classic diamond-frame city cruiser and slaps on a 350-watt Currie rear-hub mo

Electric Bike Report Features New eBikes

  Editor's Quote: "Raleigh Electric rolled out some of their new eBikes at the Sea Otter Classic. The new Stuntman iE is their gravel grinde

Time Features the Redux iE

Editor's Quote: "Topping out at 28 miles per hour, the Redux iE has a 36-volt battery in the bike’s frame that powers its 250-watt drivetrain. It

Sprite IE wins a tech 50 boomie award

Our Sprite IE electric bike received a Boomie Award! Check out the Sprite iE

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