Assisted Riding Equals Independent Living


Electric bikes are a bit of an emerging phenomenon in the United States, but their popularity is set to grow in leaps and bounds. Why? E-bikes as they’re also called can help people who want convenient, reliable transportation get around easier and provide them with a source of freedom and fun filled exercise in the process.

If you don’t know what an e-bike is, then here’s a quick run down. It is a bicycle, or in some cases a tricycle that is equipped with a battery powered electric motor. The motor kicks in when the rider pedals to lend assistance, and feels a lot like having someone giving you a push from behind. There are also optional attachments on some electric bikes and trikes that provide power-on-demand, providing throttle-like propulsion without the need to pedal.

Electric bikes are a fabulous transportation option, especially if you live in the warm climes of the southern tier states like Florida, the Gulf Coast or Arizona. When there’s hardly an occasion to avoid foul weather, why not leave the car parked in the garage and get some fresh air instead? In truth, for short trips in and around the neighborhood, riding an electric assisted bike like the Sprite IE Step Thru might prove far easier than operating a car and more convenient than taking public transportation, especially when you factor in the 350 watts of assisted pedaling power you get to enjoy from the center motor system.

Untethered from cars and busses, you can feel free and independent. Remember that sense of wonder and the thrill of discovery when you first learned to ride a bike? It’s a memory most of us can still rekindle when we think back. Electric bikes can help you relive the fun and freedom you felt when you were a kid. The excitement, pure joy and sensation of flying should not be something restricted to the past. Make fun new memories everyday on an electric bike!


For those who prioritize pragmatism and stability, a trusty trike provides the ultimate utility. As we learned in geometry, three points determine a plane, and a three-wheeled option like the Tristar IE E-Trike provides a steady, reliable transportation platform. Without the worry of tipping and ample rear bin storage to carry groceries and personal belongings, this electric trike is your perfect partner for getting around independently and conveniently. Running errands or visiting nearby friends is made easy with the added 350 watts to assist you on your travels.

So if you’re considering transportation alternatives, it could be time to take a look at the renewed freedom you can find on an electric bike. It’s a simple, convenient way to get around and can help kick start a new outlook on fun and fitness. Take hold of the handlebar, step on the pedals and feel that same rush you remember as a kid; you’re flying and you’re free!