March 2017

Blue Streak

The Blue Streak was a short-lived model, inspired by the space age, with a rocket motif in the graphics. The name was inspired by the Blue Streak rock

Gran Sport

When I was in high school (class of '62, Marblehead High School) this is the bike I dreamed of, a notch above my Elswick Tour Anglais. It was the firs

Ask An Electric Bike Expert Anything!

So, you're thinking about buying a new electric bike. Sounds like a good idea, right? Alternative transportation has been a big talking point and ma

Your Day on a Raleigh Redux IE Electric Bike

The Redux iE may very well be one of the best ways to revive your relationship with bikes As far as alternate transportation goes, the bicycle is m

Gear Patrol Features the Redux iE

Editor's Quote: The Redux iE features a diamond-shaped AL-6061 aluminum frame that houses an integrated battery and a 250W Brose Centerdrive motor,

Bicycle Retailer Features New eBikes

Editor's Quote: "At Raleigh Electric (Booth 551), try the Redux iE — an electrified version of Raleigh's popular Redux, with wider tires and a ru

Outside Magazine Features the Superbe iE

Editor's Quote: The Raleigh Superbe iE ($1,700; 50 pounds) takes the classic diamond-frame city cruiser and slaps on a 350-watt Currie rear-hub mo

Electric Bike Report Features New eBikes

  Editor's Quote: "Raleigh Electric rolled out some of their new eBikes at the Sea Otter Classic. The new Stuntman iE is their gravel grinde

Time Features the Redux iE

Editor's Quote: "Topping out at 28 miles per hour, the Redux iE has a 36-volt battery in the bike’s frame that powers its 250-watt drivetrain. It

Sprite IE wins a tech 50 boomie award

Our Sprite IE electric bike received a Boomie Award! Check out the Sprite iE


About Us All About Electric Bikes

Which Raleigh Electric Bike is Right for Me?

Raleigh makes Electric Bikes in nearly all bike categories: city bikes, mountain bikes, fat-tire bikes, cruisers, speed bikes, cargo bikes and adult t

What Makes a Great Electric Bike?

When shopping for an electric bike remember this: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". You won't get a great electric bike by focusi

Types of Electric Bikes

Based on the location of the drive system, electric bikes can be differentiated into two main groups. Hub motors are built into and power one or m


In the early 1960s, the revolutionary Moulton bicycles were very popular in Britain. Raleigh's initial riposte was the RSW (Raleigh Small Wheel) serie


From the 1976 catalog: 1976 was the last year this model was listed in the catalog.


Raleigh recycled the "Sprite" model name several times over the decades, with rather different bikes. The early '60s version was a 10 speed with Benel


One of the great traditions of British cycling was "club riding": small, local groups of cyclists organized into clubs for regular sporting or rec

Sports / Superbe

The Raleigh Sports and its deluxe sibling the Superbe were the flagships of Raleigh's line of utility bikes. For many years, in many parts of the w

Raleigh Roadsters

Roadsters were the old-fashioned style of bicycle popular in the countryside. They usually had635 mm (28 x 1 1/2) wheels with westwood rims, long cran

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