2017 Year In Review

We believe strongly in the purpose of our eBikes - transforming classic rides and making it more fun, accessible and viable for commuting. But to see them embraced widely this past year truly keeps us going. Here are some highlights:


"Raleigh Retroglide iE is all about cruising and having fun! It has a very comfortable ride feel and its classic styling attracts a lot of attention."

"The classically styled Retroglide iE adds a modern 350 watt 48V mid-drive system to create a relaxed and super capable eCruiser bike." - ElectricBikeReport.com


"With its clean, simple design, this is an electric bike that doesn’t look like an ebike, yet still delivers impressive performance on the road." -DigitalTrends.com

"The Redux IE is fast, very maneuverable, light (for an e-bike anyway), quiet, it strikes the right balance when it comes to value for money (regularly $3199, on sale now for $2699) and maybe most importantly, this bike is so fun I can’t wait to ride."

"After many miles of testing the sporty Raleigh Redux iE it has proven to be a fun, speedy, and agile eBike that is a quick commuter and fun weekend explorer." -Electrek.com

"Topping out at 28 miles per hour, the Redux iE has a 36-volt battery in the bike’s frame that powers its 250-watt drivetrain. It’s also got hydraulic disc brakes for quick, safe stopping action. Your morning commute just got a lot less sweaty." - Time.com


"Raleigh's 2018 Sprite IE might be the affordable, beginner-friendly e-bike that you've been waiting for." -Bicycling.com

"Priced comparably to a decent entry-level road bike, the Sprite is ideal for casual commuters or anyone intimidated to ride up big hills. With disc brakes, a friendly step-through frame, and a rack-mounted battery capable of powering your bike for up to 50 miles, the Sprite could solve the age-old commuter problem of arriving to the office drenched in sweat. "


"Superbe IE – Easy to Ride, Easy to Afford.

"The Raleigh Superbe iE takes the classic diamond-frame city cruiser and slaps on a 350-watt Currie rear-hub motor, for a bike that’s both vintage and mod. The 48-volt lithium-ion battery provides up to 40 miles of pedal-assisted range." -OutsideOnline.com